Counseling Groups

We would like to invite you to participate in a counseling group. Counseling groups run 4-6 weeks in length and meet on various nights of the week at the Center. There is a minimal fee to attend a counseling group; however, fees are based on a sliding scale.

Please let us know what areas you are interested in and we will forward a schedule of available groups.

Topics Include:

  • Survivors of Sexual AbuseBlended Families – Walking Well Together (for parents in blended families)
  • Single Sexuality
  • Integrity Group for Men (adult men)
  • Spouses of Sex Addicts Support Group
  • Co-parenting: How Do I Work With My Former Spouse for the Sake of the Children? (parents)
  • Single Moms Celebrating Life Together (women)
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Help! My Parents Are Getting Divorced! (for pre-teens and teens)

For more information email us at